Bicycle Rides

 Hotel is providing our In-house guests Bicycle Rides free of charge. There are so many attractive places to witness around Arangala. Hotel is providing map that includes various lakes and forest. Arangala Forest Lodge is always doing something beyond ordinary to satisfy our clients and give them a remarkable experience. 

  • Cycling Safety helmets 
  • Safety Jackets  
  • Map

Hike to Arangala Mountain

            Hike to Arangala Mountain is another extraordinary excursion that we have in the hotel.

  • 3 Hours Hike
  • Lunch, Snakes & Water Bottles provided 
  • Hotel Guides  provided 
  • Safety Equipments provided 
  • Hiking Ropes and Other equipments provided 

Meditation & Yoga Programs 

            Meditation programs can be arranged on clients requests. Historical evidence shows that there were monks in Arangala 1000 years ago. Specialist confirm where monks meditate when the sun rise and how they were able to absorb Nature energy by meditating. 

  • Special Meal Plan 
  • Facilities to meditate 
  • Instructor for Meditation or Yoga program 

Cookery Demonstration 

           Cookery Demonstration can be arranged on clients requests.
Local villager will do the traditional Sri Lankan cookery demonstration. Hotel has build special places to do the demonstration.  

  • Sri Lankan traditional food

Bird Watching and Exploring the Biodiversity

This is a very good place to see endemic birds such as Layard’s parakeet, Jungle and Spur Fowl,

Ceylon Wood Pigeon, Grey Hombill, Rufous and
Brown- capped Babbler, White Headed Starling,
Ceylon Hill Mynha, Legge’s Flowerpecker   

  • Binoculars
  • Water Bottles
  • Snacks